The Jean Pigozzi African Art Collection

Romuald Hazoumè, My Paradise – Made in Porto Novo, Gerisch-Stiftung, Neumünster, Germany

from 06/06/2010 to 17/10/2010

The work of the artist Romuald Hazoumè from Porto Novo in Benin, West Africa, bears testimony to the mutual longing of both Africans and Europeans for the supposed paradise of each other’s countries.

The exhibition at the Gerisch-Stiftung displays several acrylic paintings that take as their theme the ritual acts and symbols of the Fa oracle. Also featured are numerous photographic works that illustrate the everyday use in Benin of the object that is most important in his work, the petrol can. Masks that make use of petrol cans as objets-trouvés can also be seen as well as large-scale sculptures and installations, some specially produced for a park in Neumünster.

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