The Jean Pigozzi African Art Collection

Rodrigo Mabunda

Born 1985, Rodrigo never went to Art School, in fact he started working at the early age of 15, accepting any kind of job that would give him a monthly pay.

Rodrigo discovered the drawing while working, as this kept him from falling asleep. After trying on different quality of papers, the recycled cardboard was the one that he picked and made his own.

His older brother, Goncalo Mabunda, always encouraged and pushed him into the artistic world, but was in the 2015, during the visit of an art collector that the Rodrigo artistic career started to make sense to him.

Encouraged by Kris Khachatourian, Rodrigo started to produce more and more, soon after was included in the shows in Dubai at Akka Project.

Rodrigo Mabunda gets inspiration from the daily life, his drawings tell stories about parties, ceremonies, markets, about places always full of people.

He doesn’t plan the stories in advance, he simply picks the pen and start drawing. He says: “the box gives me the movement, the format of the box helps me with the drawing”.

He is represented globally by Akka Project.



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May - June 2018 - Artistic Residence in Óbidos (Portugal)