The Jean Pigozzi African Art Collection

The Alternative Guide to the Universe, Hayward Gallery

from 11/06/2013 to 26/08/2013

The CAAC is contributing works by Bodys Isek Kingelez to the Hayward Gallery's exhibition "The Alternative Guide to the Universe".

This exhibition surveys the work of individuals who create alternatives in art, science and architecture.

The exhibition is focused on self-taught practitioners whose work is generally produced outside of established channels and official institutions.

The Alternative Guide to the Universe features a range of contributors from fringe physicists to the inventors of new languages, from artists who map cities of the future to others who design imaginary technologies.

Inspiringly original and bracingly eccentric, their work re-imagines our social and cultural conventions in ways that fearlessly depart from accepted ways of thinking.

Taken together, it conjures a kind of a parallel universe where ingenuity and inventiveness trump common sense and received wisdom.

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