The Jean Pigozzi African Art Collection

Africa Remix: Contemporary Art of a Continent, Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf, Germany

from 24/07/2004 to 07/11/2004

Africa - what comes to mind when envisaging this vast continent? Africa is marked by diversity - the beauty and majesty of its deserts, savannahs and tropical rainforests as well as by the soaring high-rises of its cities. This continent, 80 times the area of Japan, is a collection of countries with a multiplicity of traditions, cultures, peoples, religions and languages. Its allure is in direct proportion to its vastness.

Africa Remix provides an introduction to the surprisingly little known cultural richness of Africa today. It is an exhibition of around 140 works by 84 artists from 25 countries spanning the length and breadth of the continent as well as a series of supporting programs - talks, film, music, even food. African contemporary art has never been shown on such a large scale before and the exhibition includes painting, drawing, sculpture, assemblage, installation, photography, video, music and furniture design. Visitors will encounter the creative energy of today's African art as well as the power of expression that runs through life there.

“Remix” is a musical term that means creating new music by putting together original sound sources in a different way. The individual works in this exhibition move away from previous stereotypes by playing and resonating in a remix that conveys the contemporary African situation in a dynamic and compelling rhythm - one that we hope will capture your heart and mind.
This exhibition of contemporary African art can be your first step in getting to know more about Africa. Imagine that you are crossing the African continent and expand your world of imagination and experience by visiting Africa Remix.


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