The Jean Pigozzi African Art Collection

Chéri Samba

Born 1956, Kinto M'Vuila, Belgian Congo

Lives and works in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

In 1972 Chéri Samba left school in order to apprentice himself to the sign painters on Kasa Vubu Avenue in Kinshasa; from this circle of artists (which included Moke, Bodo, and later Samba’s younger brother Cheik Ledy among others) arose one of the most vibrant schools of popular painting in the twentieth century. Working both as a billboard painter and a comic strip artist, Samba employed the conventions of both genres when he began making paintings on sacking cloth (canvas being too expensive) in 1975; most importantly, he borrowed from comic art the device of “word bubbles,” which allowed him to interject not only narrative but also commentary into his compositions. Samba has recalled how he came to use text in this paintings: “I had noticed that people in the street would walk by paintings, glance at them and keep going. I thought that if I added a bit of text, people would have to stop and take time to read it, to get more into the painting and admire it. That’s what I called the ‘Samba signature.’ From then on I put text in all my paintings.” In the early 1980s he began signing his paintings “Chéri Samba: Artiste Populaire.” Indeed, the popularity of his paintings soon went beyond Kinshasa’s city limits; by the mid 1980s his work was gaining an international audience.

Samba’s paintings of this period reveal his perception of the social, political, economic and cultural realities of Zaïre (now the Democratic Republic of Congo), exposing all facets of everyday life in Kinshasa. His canvases offer a running commentary on popular customs, sexuality, AIDS and other illnesses, social inequalities, and corruption. Samba has explained, “My painting is concerned with people’s lives. I’m not interested in myths or beliefs. That’s not my goal. I want to change our mentality that keeps us isolated from the world. I appeal to people’s consciences. Artists must make people think.” From the late 1980s on, he himself became the main subject of his paintings. For Samba, this is not an act of narcissism; rather, like an anchor on TV news broadcasts, he places himself in his work to report on what it means to be a successful African artist on the world stage.


Chéri Samba: Stupéfaction - Galerie MAGNIN-A, Paris (17 September - 23 October)

Chéri Samba, Corridor Gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium

Chéri Samba, Quel avenir pour notre art? – Painting 1989-2009 - Galerie Pascal Polar, Brussels, Belgium (06 Sep 2013 - 01 Feb 2014)

Chéri Samba - Corsoveneziatto Arte Contemporanea, Milano, Italy  (04 December 2007 – 31 January 2008)

Les débuts de Chéri Samba - Kunstverein- Braunschweig - Germany (5 March – 8 May)

J’aime Chéri Samba - A selection of paintings from the exhibition at the Fondation Cartier - Texas Southern University - Houston - USA (28 Jan – 8 May)

J’aime Chéri Samba - Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain - Paris – France
Interview of Chéri Samba at the Cartier Foundation

Chéri Samba moto na Tervuren, Musée Royal de l’Afrique, Tervuren – Belgium

Chéri Samba une fois encore à Kinshasa, Centre Culturel du Zoo, Kinshasa - République Démocratique du Congo

Ludwig Forum fur internationale Kunst, Aachen - Germany.

Cheri Samba. MAMCO, Geneva, Switzerland.

Chéri Samba, Übersee Museum, Bremen, Germany

National Museum of Oceanian and Africain Arts, Paris - France.

Portikus Kunsthalle, Francfurt - Germany.

ICA -Institut of Contemporary Art, London- UK

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago - U.S.A.

Cheri Samba, le peintre populaire du Zaïre, Provinciaal Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Ostende - Belgium.

1990 - 1989
La grande exposition publique Cheri Samba, Kinshasa -Democratic Republic of Congo, formely Zaïre.

Chéri Samba, Centre Culturel Français, Lubumbashi, République Démocratique du Congo

Cultural French Center, Kinshasa -Democratic Republic of Congo, formely Zaïre.

1975 -1978
La Grande exposition publique Cheri Samba, Kinshasa -Democratic Republic of Congo, formely Zaïre.


Constellation - Galerie A-MAGNIN, Paris, France (21 January - 18 mars)

Bande-Annonce, La Collection Pigozzi à Cannes - Gare Maritime de Cannes, France (12 July - 21 August)

Alpha Crucis, Astrup Fearnley Museet, Oslo, Norway (01.22 to 09.30 2020)

Congo Paintings, Musée des Arts d'Afrique et d'Océanie, Vichy, France (05.03 to 10.31 2019)

Prête-moi ton rêve, Exposition panafricaine itinérante (June 2019-June2020)
Itinerary: Casablanca, Dakar, Abidjan, Lagos, Addis Abeba, Cape Town

Truth Tellers, Richard Taittinger Gallery, New York City, USA

Africa Passions, Palais Cadaval, Evora, Portugal

Reading Walking. Louis Vuitton Travel Book, Pearl Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Quel Amour !?, MAC, Marseille, France

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1:54, Contemporary African Art Fair, New-York, USA

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African Stories

Marrakech Art Fair, Marrakech, Morroco

2009 - 2010

Africa? Una nuova storia

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2004/2006 (travelling exhibition)
Africa Remix, Art contemporain d’un continent:

  • Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf - Germany * 24 July 2004 – 7 Nov 2004
  • Hayward Gallery, London – England * 10 Feb 2005 – 17 April 2005
  • Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris – France * 15 May 2005 – 20 Aug 2005
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2002 – 2003
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Sao Paulo Biennal, Brazil

Sao-Paulo, Brazil

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