The Jean Pigozzi African Art Collection

Emmanuel Ekefrey

Born in 1952 in Ndiya, Nigeria.

Lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.

Ekong Emmanuel Ekefrey belongs to the Ibibio ethnic group, akin to the Igbo group which occupies the southeast part of Nigeria. He is very attached to the Ibibio culture which has a rich tradition of music, danse, painting and sculpture. Although some large paintings represent the Ibibio myths and legends, the artist is formal: he isn’t focused on the past. Ekefrey invented his own style. He remembers well the lessons taught by his Ibibio ancestors and believes that each person has a specific gift that he should be free to develop.

The most striking characteristic of Ekefrey’s paintings is the « all-over » technique; paint is applied on the canvas stretched on the floor and it produces an effect of cutting up and interpenetration of each figure, creating movement. There is a profusion of shapes, lines, colors that convey a great dynamic. The viewer’s eyes are driven from a point to the other and this eye movement gives the impression of penetrating the painting.


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